As part of ERGC’s mission to practice and encourage recreational shooting, we actively bolster the experience of group shooting sports. We are deliberate in our intent to appeal to and cultivate both casual and competitive shooting groups, and we’re proud that our range is enjoyed by so many great organizations.

Studies have proven time and again that one of the best ways to improve a skill is by being part of a group specific to that skill. Whether it’s a softball league or a gardening club, group involvement exposes you to fresh ideas and advanced techniques. We accommodate many organizations with interests in various shooting sports and firearm disciplines, so no matter what shooting styles you favor, you’re sure to find a group that fits.

Whether individually or with a group, many members enjoy testing themselves as they develop their firearm proficiency. To that end, ERGC works to attract, host, facilitate, and promote organized shoots and competitive matches for groups and/or particular shooting disciplines. Nothing hones skills quite like friendly rivalry!

ERGC will always revolve around individual and/or family-based firearms practice, but we hope you’ll explore the many benefits to be gained from participating in groups or competitions.


Requiring a pre-1896 single shot rifle (or replica) with an exposed hammer, this group uses the same rules and guidelines outlined in the NRA sanctioned BPCR “long range” matches.

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This match follows American Rimfire Association (ARA) rules and allows any .22 rimfire rifle with any optic and any magnification. Two-piece benchrests for Factory class, but a one-piece can be used for Unlimited class.

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Defensive pistol shooting as a sport is the use of practical equipment to solve simulated self-defense scenarios. IDPA events require shooters to use practical handguns and holsters suitable for self-defense.

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Military Rifle competitions occur throughout the year, and you’ll find military shooters at the range early every Sunday morning. Dust off those old rifles and come out to play!

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Muzzleloading firearms history is U.S. history – these guns bear the mark of American pride in skill, patience, and appreciation. We preserve our American heritage through living history.

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In American history, a Rifleman is a marksman who can hit targets 500 yards away, traditionally known as “the Rifleman’s quarter-mile”. Learn new techniques, polish your skills, and become a true Rifleman!

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The fastest-growing outdoor shooting sport in the nation, Cowboy Action Shooting attracts global competitors looking to bring back the days of the Old West in a celebration of the cowboy lifestyle.

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DING! This is the arcade game of the shooting sports – a fun, low-stress way to compete across 8 stages, each consisting of 5 steel plates of varying size and distance. Bring anything that fires a pistol caliber.

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ERGC Annual Membership gives you UNLIMITED range visits, allows you to bring GUESTS for a small fee, and INCLUDES your family at no additional cost!

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“Best shooting range in the area. Allows drawing from the holster, rapid fire, movement, etc.”

Charlie Swartz, via Facebook

“Awesome place enjoy each time we go. Everyone very nice and helps when needed.”

Dolores LeClair, via Facebook

“Had a good time today. Was able to help a buddy dial in new scope on his hunting rifle. He was able to shoot as my guest for $10 and after looking the place over is thinking about joining. Range Safety Officers are friendly and not in the way. We had a good experience here today!”

Tony House, via Facebook

“If you’re looking to be treated like adults and seek reasonable freedom this is the place. I have been going here for awhile and love it compared to the high priced other local ranges. Clean bathrooms and fun responsible atmosphere.”

Shawn T., via Facebook
“My biggest regret is we had not joined sooner. We look forward to taking part in some the events and definitely look forward to shooting steel.”
Johnny Salaza, via Facebook
“Great place to shoot. If you want to shoot slow, fine. But if you want to rapid fire and or practice drawing from the holster, this is the place to do it. Most ranges will not allow that. Plenty types of shooting matches to chose from. IDPA, cowboy, military, and a Ladies only match too. If you like shooting and moving, come to the IDPA match.”
Gordon Leaf, via Facebook
“We absolutely love it at ERGC! The people (staff and members alike) are all genuine and friendly. All of the RSOs we’ve met so far are so knowledgeable and very helpful! We highly recommend ERGC!”
Will and Marilyn Cottingham, via Facebook

“We brought our whole family today and it was great! Staff is friendly and very welcoming to our 2 kids (ages 4 and 6). Excited to have a year membership and go often.”

Rachel Sarhalar, via Facebook
“I like this gun club a lot, been member almost a year and will definitely renew my membership. With new stuff coming I am excited.”
Andrew Rowzee, via Facebook
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The event calendar holds scheduling information for matches, meets, tournaments, training, and more.

Muzzleloaders Match (om)

December 4 @ 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

.22 Rimfire Benchrest Match (om)

December 5 @ 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

Steel Challenge Speed Match (om)

December 11 @ 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

Cowboys SASS Match (om)

December 12 @ 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

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Safety reminder!
Make sure targets are placed so all rounds impact the berm.

Don't do this!
... See MoreSee Less

Safety reminder!
Make sure targets are placed so all rounds impact the berm. 

Dont do this!

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Just the kind of genius that will get our range closed. What goes up must come down but hopefully not in somebody’s head.

Tisk tisk. Guess someone overlooked the S.O.P.

Common sense is not so common anymore

2 weeks ago
Escambia River Gun Club

Quick round at Steel Challenge ... See MoreSee Less

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Awesome day making music 🎶


2 weeks ago
Escambia River Gun Club

Great turnout and weather for Steel Challenge today. ... See MoreSee Less

Great turnout and weather for Steel Challenge today.

Hello ERGC Family.
We have a long time supporter of our Range that helped maintain our old website and created our new website. She is one of those behind the seen wizards that helps keep us running and does way more than she is paid to do. She and her family have recently lost their 21 year old daughter. It breaks my heart to write this, a lot of us have been through something similar. I am posting her daughters link " " because sometimes help can be a small donation. No one plans to loose a child and it would go a long way to cover the outrageous costs of laying her to rest. We all fall on tough times, if your able please help them move forward. Please take the time to grab a hold of your kids tonight and cherish the good & bad as it all really is a blessing. Please keep there family in your hearts & prayers! God Bless!
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