We Conduct & Promote Safe Firearms Use

We’re proud to practice and encourage recreational shooting to maintain our rights bestowed to us by the Second Amendment of the Constitution.


The Escambia River Gun Club (ERGC), originally established as the Escambia River Muzzle Loaders (ERML), is a private club intended for its members and guests. Since 1978, our organization has prided itself at providing a safe, first-class shooting facility that can be used for family outings, friendly competition, sighting your rifle, or just relaxing via recreational shooting.

Our 22-acre facility features over 60 covered shooting stalls across ten separate firing ranges, and an NRA-certified Range Safety Officer (RSO) is always on-site.


The ERGC and ERML exist so that members can maintain their rights bestowed by the Second Amendment of the Constitution, but the two organizations fulfill this purpose in different ways with separate missions:

The goal of the ERGC, a 501(c)7 corporation, is to establish and maintain range facilities to conduct and promote safe shooting activities and to maintain our rights as accorded us by the Second Amendment of the Constitution.

The goals of the ERML, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, are three-fold:

  • To promote community interest and welfare by educating the citizenry in the safe handling, storage and proper use of firearms through scheduled events;
  • To provide a range, to be known as the ERML Sportsmen’s Foundation Range, wherein citizenry will be able to develop firearm and archery shooting skills through scheduled programs for recreation, for competition and for developing firearm proficiency as required to secure State of Florida Conceal Carry Permits and Hunting Licenses;
  • To promote education opportunities within the community via scholarship program emphasizing the U.S. Constitution, Second Amendment’s right to own, carry, and use firearms for personal safety, recreation and competition activities.


The Escambia River Gun Club (ERGC) was originally established as the Escambia River Muzzle Loaders (ERML) in 1978. The ERML Sportsmen’s Foundation, Inc. (referred to as the “Foundation”), is an IRS designated 501(c)3 non-profit organization established as the educational branch of the Escambia River Gun Club. Why a second corporation? Because the opportunities provided by a 501(c)3 greatly expand what ERGC can accomplish as a 501(c)7 (social organization).

It all began with a few local patriots who wanted a place where safe shooting activities could be conducted by themselves and others. After many months of work, the facility was opened. Our founders, subsequent leaders, and members all worked hard to make improvements and expansions through the years.

The founders set the precedent for what our organization has become today by establishing a culture of growth, expansion, and development – not only for the property, but also for the members themselves and the group as a whole.

Our primary goal for the future is to continue to grow membership so that we can continue to expand and improve the property in addition to maintaining the current assets. These expansions carry a higher price tag than you might think, because with more ranges and more range activities comes the need to hire additional Range Safety Officers (RSOs) to ensure the safety of everyone.

Nobody knows for sure what the future holds, but one thing we have always been certain of is that our members are the glue that hold the shooting club together. Our members have always had ample opportunities to use their skills and trades, not just on scheduled workdays, but also in behind-the-scenes committees that help plan events and future needs.

Range safety rules apply to all members who are held responsible for their accompanied guests at all times. Applicants must be 18 years of age or older, free of any felony convictions, and willing to complete a Waiver of Liability form. An ERGC membership is a family membership covering the primary member, his or her spouse, as well as the member’s children under the age of 18.

All guests, without exception, will be required to complete a Waiver of Liability form upon entering the Range. A “spectator” is defined as a person who is at the range simply to observe the activities and they do not do ANY shooting. “Spectators” are “guests” and will not be charged the “guest” fee, however they will still be required to complete Waiver of Liability form.


ERGC Annual Membership gives you UNLIMITED range visits, allows you to bring GUESTS for a small fee, and INCLUDES your family at no additional cost!

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“Best shooting range in the area. Allows drawing from the holster, rapid fire, movement, etc.”

Charlie Swartz, via Facebook

“Awesome place enjoy each time we go. Everyone very nice and helps when needed.”

Dolores LeClair, via Facebook

“Had a good time today. Was able to help a buddy dial in new scope on his hunting rifle. He was able to shoot as my guest for $10 and after looking the place over is thinking about joining. Range Safety Officers are friendly and not in the way. We had a good experience here today!”

Tony House, via Facebook

“If you’re looking to be treated like adults and seek reasonable freedom this is the place. I have been going here for awhile and love it compared to the high priced other local ranges. Clean bathrooms and fun responsible atmosphere.”

Shawn T., via Facebook
“My biggest regret is we had not joined sooner. We look forward to taking part in some the events and definitely look forward to shooting steel.”
Johnny Salaza, via Facebook
“Great place to shoot. If you want to shoot slow, fine. But if you want to rapid fire and or practice drawing from the holster, this is the place to do it. Most ranges will not allow that. Plenty types of shooting matches to chose from. IDPA, cowboy, military, and a Ladies only match too. If you like shooting and moving, come to the IDPA match.”
Gordon Leaf, via Facebook
“We absolutely love it at ERGC! The people (staff and members alike) are all genuine and friendly. All of the RSOs we’ve met so far are so knowledgeable and very helpful! We highly recommend ERGC!”
Will and Marilyn Cottingham, via Facebook

“We brought our whole family today and it was great! Staff is friendly and very welcoming to our 2 kids (ages 4 and 6). Excited to have a year membership and go often.”

Rachel Sarhalar, via Facebook
“I like this gun club a lot, been member almost a year and will definitely renew my membership. With new stuff coming I am excited.”
Andrew Rowzee, via Facebook
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The event calendar holds scheduling information for matches, meets, tournaments, training, and more.

Muzzleloaders Match (om)

December 4 @ 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

.22 Rimfire Benchrest Match (om)

December 5 @ 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

Steel Challenge Speed Match (om)

December 11 @ 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

Cowboys SASS Match (om)

December 12 @ 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

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Safety reminder!
Make sure targets are placed so all rounds impact the berm.

Don't do this!
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Safety reminder!
Make sure targets are placed so all rounds impact the berm. 

Dont do this!

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Just the kind of genius that will get our range closed. What goes up must come down but hopefully not in somebody’s head.

Tisk tisk. Guess someone overlooked the S.O.P.

Common sense is not so common anymore

2 weeks ago
Escambia River Gun Club

Quick round at Steel Challenge ... See MoreSee Less

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Awesome day making music 🎶


2 weeks ago
Escambia River Gun Club

Great turnout and weather for Steel Challenge today. ... See MoreSee Less

Great turnout and weather for Steel Challenge today.

Hello ERGC Family.
We have a long time supporter of our Range that helped maintain our old website and created our new website. She is one of those behind the seen wizards that helps keep us running and does way more than she is paid to do. She and her family have recently lost their 21 year old daughter. It breaks my heart to write this, a lot of us have been through something similar. I am posting her daughters link " OurAlexaHaley.com " because sometimes help can be a small donation. No one plans to loose a child and it would go a long way to cover the outrageous costs of laying her to rest. We all fall on tough times, if your able please help them move forward. Please take the time to grab a hold of your kids tonight and cherish the good & bad as it all really is a blessing. Please keep there family in your hearts & prayers! God Bless!
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