In order to ensure that you understand the safety rules at the ERGC Range, you must pass our Range Safety Quiz, below.

NOTE: You must not miss more than 2 questions on the quiz in order to pass.

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1. What is the minimum yardage to place a steel target for a pistol?*
2. What is the minimum yardage to place a steel target for a rifle?*
3. What is the only safe direction to point a loaded gun at the firing line?*
4. When a range is “Cold”, how must all firearms on the benches/firing line be?*
5. Who may call “Cease Fire” on a firing line?*
6. What can happen if you place your finger on the trigger or within the trigger guard while reloading, moving, drawing, clearing a malfunction or holstering?*
7. What is the appropriate height for a target?*
8. When is eye protection required?*
9. What may a shooter handle safely during “Cold Range” conditions?*
10. How do you carry an uncased firearm from your vehicle to the firing line?*
11. For muzzleloaders, when is cleaning/swabbing allowed?*
12. Are tracers or exploding ammunition allowed?*
13. Who is the Acting Range Authority on the range?*
14. Who is responsible for picking up spent cases?*
15. Are trigger assists or bump stocks allowed?*
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