ERGC Membership

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Unlimited 12-Month Membership

14000for 12 months
  • Unlimited FREE Visits for 12 Months
  • INCLUDES Spouse and Children under the age of 18 living in the same Household
  • Allows a maximum of Two Guests per Visit for $15 guest fee per guest

ERGC Membership Information

How to Join

You can join ERGC, or renew your membership, one of three ways:

  1. Join or Renew Online.  Click here to complete the membership form electronically, and pay your membership dues online.  Come to the range for your orientation with one of our RSOs, who will complete your temporary membership card — your permanent card will be ready for pickup at the range within a few weeks.
  2. Join or Renew at the Range.  Visit the range and see the Range Safety Officer (RSO) on-duty.  You can complete a membership application electronically at the range.  Be sure to bring a debit or credit card for your membership fee.  You can take the orientation class with the RSO while you are there.  Your membership card will be delivered to the range and an email will be sent to you when the card(s) is ready to pick up from the RSO.

Important Notes

  1. The primary member must be 18 years of age.
  2. Spouses shoot as Guests of the primary member, if he or she wants there own card or to shoot without the card holder they will need to purchase their own membership.
  3. Member must be free of felony convictions.  If the member’s spouse will will also be shooting , he or she must also be free of felony convictions.
  4. All renewing members will also need to watch the safety video in addition to new members, This is a county requirement.
  5. Download the Range Standard Operating Procedures.

Range Orientation

New members do not gain shooting privileges at the range until they have completed range orientation.

Orientation is held throughout the day at the Range Safety Officer’s convenience (i.e. if he’s busy checking people in or handling other range issues, orientation needs to wait until he’s free). The last orientation will begin no later than one hour prior to range closing time. The goal of the safety video is to ensure new members fully understand the range rules, are familiar with the range facilities, and have any questions answered by a range official.  Your official membership card will be available at the range within a few weeks.  Use your temporary card until the new card is available.

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