The National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association exists to promote, support, nurture, and preserve NMLRA’s and our nation’s rich historical heritage in the sport of muzzleloading through recreational, educational, historical, and cultural venues such as match competition, hunting, gun making and safety, historical re-enactments, exhibits, museums, libraries, and other related programs.”

The history of muzzleloading firearms is the history of this nation.  These are the guns that bear the mark of American pride in individual skill, patience, and appreciation for enduring beauty and quality.  The NMLRA is the association for muzzleloading shooters and hunters: men, women, and young people interested in preserving our American heritage through living history reenactments, a variety of competitive shooting opportunities at levels ranging from local matches to international competition, the added challenge of hunting with a muzzleloader, and the power of an association defending their rights to hunt with, shoot, and own muzzleloading firearms.

Muzzle Loader matches at ERGC occur on the 1st Saturday of each month.

brenda capping patrick fs
bob loading BP pistol BLACK POWDER fs
buffalo fs
gina measuring powder fs
taking aim w flintlock fs
patrick target fs
gina loading roundball ammo fs
carl and gina in prep fs
replacing targets fs
ray hardin firing fs
paul w flintlock take aim fs
paul preparing flintlock to fire fs
patrick taking aim fs
guy taking aim fs
Jack and friend fs
Jack-Paul posed front quarter fs
IMG 0886 fs
S5030750 fs
SBO 2301
IMG 0888 fs
S5030753 fs
SBO 2120
IMG 0903 fs
S5030752 fs
SBO 2154
IM001896a fs
S5030751 fs
SBO 2061
IMG 0900 fs
S5030747 fs
SBO 2041
IMG 0889 fs
S5030754 fs
SBO 2157
IMG 0881 fs
S5030755 fs
SBO 2291
IMG 0879 fs
S5030749 fs
SBO 2047
IM001889 fs
S5030748 fs
SBO 2155
IMG 0904 fs
S5030745 fs
SBO 2172
IMG 0901 fs
S5030746 fs
SBO 2202
IMG 0898 fs
SBO 2050
IM001894 fs
SBO 2118
IMG 0895 fs
SBO 2090
IMG 0891 fs
SBO 2078
IMG 0897 fs
SBO 2051
IMG 0902 fs
SBO 2086
IMG 0890 fs
SBO 2116
IMG 0899 fs
SBO 2194
IMG 0894 fs
SBO 2065
IM001883 fs
SBO 2288
IM001877 fs
SBO 2094
IMG 0887 fs
SBO 2248
IMG 0906 fs
SBO 2290
IM001878 fs
SBO 2045
IM001880 fs
SBO 2239
IMG 0905 fs
SBO 2077
IM001897 fs
SBO 2075
IMG 0896 fs
SBO 2073
IMG 0893 fs
SBO 2240
SBO 2049
SBO 2048


Muzzleloaders - Charcoal Burner 2008 - March 2008



Coming Soon!


Below you’ll see information regarding any upcoming Muzzleloaders events. If none are currently scheduled, check back often!

Muzzleloaders Match (om)

October 7 @ 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

Muzzleloaders Match (om)

November 4 @ 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

Muzzleloaders Match (om)

December 2 @ 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

Muzzleloaders Match (om)

January 6, 2024 @ 8:00 am - 4:30 pm