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SHOOTING DISCIPLINES -- Black Powder Cartridge Rifle

Welcome to ERGC's BPCR (Black Powder Cartridge Rifle) shooting discipline.

BCPR is based on the rules and guidelines as outlined in the NRA sponsored/sanctioned BPCR "long range" matches. Basically, it requires a single shot rifle with an exposed hammer, of a design of pre-1896, and replicas. Examples of permissible rifles are: Ballard, Buck, Bullard, Cole, Farrow, Maynard, Peabody, Redfield, Remington Hepburn, Remington Rolling Block, Sharps, Springfield Trapdoor, Stevens Tip-up, Stevens No. 44, Wesson Falling Block, Wesson (hinged barrel. Would include H&R top break rifles of proper caliber), Whitney Phoenix, Whitney Rolling Block, Winchester 1885, and Wurfflein, and Peabody.

The cartridges must be loaded with black powder or black powder substitutes only. No "duplex" loads (smokeless and black powder combination). Must shoot lead bullets only, no jacketed. Gas checks are allowed.

See the following ERGC website link and read the "sticky" post at the top for more information:

The matches are held every other month. Check the ERGC Calendar for actual dates as they can vary on occasions.

So come on out and enjoy them old time smokepoles, buffalo guns and military arms from the 19th century.

  • Click here to see a PDF of the July 22, 2012 BPCR match