Paid Instructors

Paid Instructors at ERGC

In addition to club-sanctioned educational training on the range, ERGC allows club members to teach or sponsor a special/or paid instruction class on ERGC range.  There is a special instruction approval process that outlines the rules for running such an event.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact the ERGC safety committee via email at [email protected].

ERGC Special Instruction Approval Process for ERGC Approved Instructors Conducting Paid Instruction for ERGC Sponsored Paid Instruction

Last updated: October 2014

  1. This process applies to any member that wants to teach or sponsor a special/or paid instruction class on ERGC range. The member must submit a request for the type of class, instructor name and credentials, instructor insurance ($1 million coverage required for each instructor, or a Corporate Policy of $1 million coverage), training plan, and course of fire to the ERGC Safety Committee. The current committee members are: Perry Byron, Jeff Clites, Mike Roberts, and Sandy O’Neal. No instruction will be approved by the Safety Committee until ALL required documents are obtained. The request should be submitted by e-mail to the Safety Committee at the below address; [email protected]
  2. The Safety Committee will review the documents and then vote for approval/disapproval. Once the decision has been made, the instructor or sponsor will be notified of the decision. Once the instruction has been approved, the instructor/sponsor must notify the ERGC Range Master and the ERGC webmaster so they can post the event on the ERGC range calendar and website calendar.
  3. For instruction that requires closing a BAY, it will be the instructors’ responsibility to determine the number of students that can be safely taught based on the planned instruction. The Member/Instructor is responsible for having the students complete ERGC liability waiver forms (for non-ERGC members) and give them to the RSO.

Range fees for closing an entire bay will be:

  • Bay 1: $150 full day, $75 half day.
  • Bay 2: $150 full day, $75 half day.
  • Bay 3 (shoothouse): $100 full day, $50 half day
  • Bay 4: $150 full day, $75 half day
  • Bay 5 and Bay 6: $100 full day, $50 half day
  • Bay 7: $150 full day, $75 half day

Half Day is as follows:

  • 4 hours October 1 through 31 March (coordinate with the Range Master for specific times)
  • 5 hours 1 April – 29 September (coordinate with the Range Master for specific times)

Range fees will be paid to the RSO on day of course. For Instructors that desire to teach advanced tactical style training (tactical ”style” will be determined by the Safety Committee), the fees for closing a bay will be as listed above, plus there will be an additional fee of $10.00 per person per day for this type of training.

  1. For instruction that is not closing a bay and is just using shooting positions on any range, the instructor must first submit the appropriate documents and get approval from the Safety Committee. Once the approval has been granted, the instructor(s) will be limited to one shooting table for each instructor. Each Instructor must maintain a one-to-one instructor/student ratio during live fire. The only exception to the one-to-one mandate is for any instructor that has been APPROVED by the safety committee for teaching an ADVANCED class. All instructors will be required to pay a $10.00 range fee per student (unless the student is a member of the range) for all classes that do not close a range.
  2. The member/sponsor/instructor is responsible for range clean-up; to include brass pick-up and returning any items borrowed from the range. The RSO will inspect the range after class completion to ensure the range has been cleaned.

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