Range Work Day November 3, 2018

ERGC Members,

Hello members, friends and fellow shooting enthusiasts. It looks like the range made it through the storm without any major damage and we are hopeful you and your loved ones are all doing well. It looks like Fall may finally be arriving. This sets us up perfectly for our next range work day on Nov 3rd. We had a great turnout in June and with the weather cooling off it will be the perfect time to really bring some great new enhancements to our club. The goal every month is to make the shooting experience and the time you spend at the best shooting facility in the Panhandle the best experience possible. If we put a big dent in this list, we will have increased the fun factor 10 fold shooting at the range. We need as many volunteers as possible to give up a little time to make our range a better place to shoot.

The plan is to shut the range down the morning of 3 Nov and work from 0800 – 1200. Following what we believe will be a very productive day, you will be treated to a free lunch and drinks. But wait, that’s not all. It would be un-American to spend time at the range without a little shooting. So, after lunch the plan is to slip over to one of the ranges and have a quick match. How does a $5 dollar entry fee along with the club throwing in $100 dollars and we will split the money up to the top three shooters. I’m open for suggestions, but maybe a little man on man shoot off style match. Look forward to seeing you all there.

Trench and run power cable to all ranges
Run power to the Barn Conex’s
Install lighting in Conex’s
Build divider berms on ranges 6 &7
Install steel targets on rifle ranges
Build and install plate rack on range 5
Build and install .22 range (east end of rang #5)

Contact Jeffrey Chestney with any questions or suggestions:  Jeffreychestney@yahoo.com


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