Range 5 Closure

ERGC Safety Note
Range 5 is temporarily closed due to rounds leaving the range.
This is because holes have been found in the roof of the building on range 6. Plan to prevent more holes in the roof is to raise the height of the berms.
Investigation found that:
Targets have not been placed against the three berms on range 5 and bullets are richocheting out of the range. Per the range rules, place targets where rounds going through the targets impact the berms, not the ground.
Shots have been fired across the range at a 45 degree angle instead of directly into the berms. All shots are to be in a north direction, perpendicular to the berm as per the range rules.
Several holes where found in the north side of the tires on top of the high berm that separates ranges 5 & 6 indicating folks were shooting the tires as targets. These tires are not targets. Only approved targets are to be used at ERGC as per the range rules.
Let’s be safe out there.