Escambia River Gun Club Membership Application

This 4-step membership application process will take approximately 30 minutes from start to finish. Each step is required before membership can be granted:

  1. Watch the 15 minute ERGC Range Safety video
  2. Take the 15-question ERGC Range Safety quiz
  3. Complete the application form
  4. Submit payment for your membership fee

All four steps can be completed right here on our SECURED website. The personal information you submit here will be encrypted and stored on secured servers. Your credit/debit card information will NOT be stored, kept on file, nor retained for any reason.

1. What is the minimum yardage to place a steel target for a pistol?*
2. When a range is “Cold”, how must all firearms on the benches/firing line be?*
3. What is the only safe direction to point a loaded gun at the firing line?*
4. Who may call “Cease Fire” on a firing line?*
5. What can happen if you place your finger on the trigger or within the trigger guard while reloading, moving, drawing, clearing a malfunction or holstering?*
6. What is the appropriate height for a target?*
7. When is eye protection required?*
8. What is the minimum yardage to place a steel target for a rifle?*
9. How do you carry an uncased firearm from your vehicle to the firing line?*
10. What may a shooter handle safely during “Cold Range” conditions?*
11. Are tracers or exploding ammunition allowed?*
12. For muzzleloaders, when is cleaning/swabbing allowed?*
13. Are trigger assists or bump stocks allowed?*
14. Who is responsible for picking up spent cases?*
15. Who is the Acting Range Authority on the range?*
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.