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Cowboy Action matches at ERGC occur on the 2nd Sunday of each month on Ranges 6 and 7.

Match set-up is from 7:30AM to 8:00 AM.  Match Signup is from 8:00 AM to 8:45 AM.  Mandatory Safety Briefing begins at 9:00 AM.  The match begins at 9:30AM.

Regular match fee is $15.00, waddies (help set up) match fee is $10.00

Monthly matches consist of Four or Six Stages (40 – 60 rounds-Pistol, 40 – 60 rounds-Rifle, 24-36 rounds-Shotgun). Optional side matches are sometimes scheduled following the main match and may include activities such as derringer, long range rifle, or wild bunch competitions.

Firearm Requirements: Lever or pump rifles with exposed hammer, pistol calibers [ 38,44, 45,etc 2 single action revolvers in above calibers Double barrel hammer or hammerless shotgun, extractors only-12 to 20 guage-1887 Win. lever or 1897 Win. pump also allowed.

Match Categories are: Cowboy, Senior, Gun Fighter, Duelist, Ladies, Juniors, Elder Statesman, and Greenhorn (for new shooters who want to try Cowboy Action Shooting(TM)).

Trophies are awarded for:  Top Hand (best overall score) | Shootist (fastest clean sweep) | Clean Sweep category winners (minimum of three shooters), except no trophy given for Greenhorn category.

CONTACT INFORMATION: Jeb Stuart [ Bob Bishop] 850-982-3543 [email protected] | Mad Dane (Joe Scheel) 251-978-0810 [email protected]

*Please note our website is currently down. Come see us @thepanhandlecowboys on Facebook.