Range 5 after 03/17/2018

ERGC Club Members:

Great news! We have the bails in place on Range 5 berm, and the only thing needed is for a few gaps to be filled in. The BAD News!!! With a membership of close to 900 we had ONLY 9 members show up for the Saturday workday, and none of the 9 were under 60 years of age!!! This group did an outstanding job (as shown in the attached photo). We also set posts for fence and gates for Ranges 6 and 7. We put in 5 full hours and got everything accomplished we intended to do.

We are a gun club and we try to keep the annual dues as low as possible; however, if we continue getting “poor turnouts” for the workdays we will be forced to increase the dues to pay for maintenance on the range. If we had to pay a contractor for this work we could have easily spent $1,500 to $2,000.

Your choice!!!

Mike Roberts
Escambia River Gun Club
Cell 850-380-6041

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