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As of January 9th, 2009, ERML will have a dedicated Range Safety Officer (RSO) on-premises whenever the range is open.  The duties of the RSO include (but are not limited to):

  • Open and close the range at the specified times.

  • Checking-in all individuals coming onto the range.

    • Members will be required to show their active membership badge.  If a member forgot their membership badge, the RSO will verify their membership against the active member listing and issue a temporary badge that the member can wear for the day.  The temporary badge must be returned before leaving the range.

    • Guests will be required to pay a guest fee (starting March 1st, 2009) and will be issued a guest badge.  For more information on guests at ERML, click here.

  • Conduct new member orientation.  See the "How to Join ERML" for details on orientation.

  • Ensure all range rules and regulations are being followed by members and their guests, such as ensuring safe shooting practices are being utilized, range commands and being properly called, firearms and ammunition are being handled in a safe and secure manner, bullets are impacting the berm, targets are set at a proper height, etc.

The RSO is the final authority at ERML.  Any questions or issues should be addressed to the RSO.  Whatever the RSO decides must be respected and followed by members and their guests.  Failure to follow a directive from the RSO may impact a person's membership at ERML.  Any issues with the RSO should be addresses to the ERML president or vice president.